Population: 203,600 Urban/Metro Population: 203,600
Date Founded: Primary Language(s): Bengali
Name Origin:
Alternate/historic names: Agartulla
LANDSAT view of Agartala

Central Agartala, Ujjatanta PalaceAgartala, the capital of the eastern Indian state of Tripura, is a laid back administrative centre very reminiscent of towns in Bangladesh, just 2km away. Its main monument of interest is the gleaming white Ujjayanta Palace, completed in 1901. Set amid formal gardens and artificial lakes, this huge building, whose main block now houses the State Legislative Assembly, covers an area of around 800 acres. One of the many temples located within its grounds, the Jaganath temple, an orange tower rising from an octagonal plinth, is open to the public. Other temples of interest include Umamaheswar temple directly opposite Jaganath across the Palace gardens, and the Buddhist Venuban Vihar. The rather unusual Gedu Mian Mosque near the Motor Stand is encrusted with a mosaic of crockery pieces.

Most of Agartala's amenities, bazaars, bus stands and civil administration are concentrated in the centre, immediately south of the palace. Although the markets are hectic, almost all sell provisions and supplies rather than interesting artefacts. At Post Office Chowmuhani, the State Museum displays interesting ethnographical and archeological exhibits. One gallery is devoted to the excavations at Unakoti in the forests of northern Tripura.

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